Hello! I’m Nick Evans and I run The Crunch Time Club. It’s a newsletter and community centered around finding time and recipes to cook delicious things at home.

About Me

I’m a self-taught home cook and have been writing recipes for home cooks for 15 years. I have no formal training. I experiment with all types of cooking and love trying new stuff. I started this Substack Club as a way to connect with readers who like my recipes.

Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful experiences through cooking. I’ve published one nationally released cookbook and been a contestant on two different national cooking shows (Most recently Cook At All Costs on Netflix - Ep. 1).

I currently live in Denver, CO with my wife and two kids.

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This newsletter and community allows me to feature writing and recipes that aren’t on the larger Crunch Time Kitchen website. The Substack will feature curated recipes, cooking challenges, and the occasional essay and food journal. I also will be inviting members to chat and collaborate.

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Being a part of this community at any level is wonderful. My favorite part of the day is reading a comment from a community member or seeing a photo of something YOU cooked!

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